Lactic Acid Powder 60, Galacid | 20 kg

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GALACID POWDER 60 Lactic Acid 60% manufactured and packaged by Galactic in bulk 20 kg (44 pound) Cartons. 

Lactic Acid is an organic acid that is naturally occurring in the human body and fermented foods. Fermentation occurs when natural bacteria feed on the sugar and starch of a food, producing lactic acid. The process creates B-vitamins, beneficial enzymes, and more. L(+) form is preferred for better metabolism and natural carbohydrates. It is used for food and personal care products. 

As an ingredient in personal care products, Lactic Acid has the ability to boost skin’s moisture levels—even as it exfoliates. At higher concentrations, lactic acid acts as an exfoliator helping to dissolve connections between skin cells, while at lower levels it is used as a humectant, meaning it can actually help hydrate skin by pulling in water to the outer skin layer. 


Galacid Powder 60 is a 60% Lactic Acid (L+) with a Calcium Lactate carrier. This Lactic Acid powder is affirmed GRAS by the FDA and complies with FCC, Eur Reg 231/2012, Kosher and Halal. It contains Food Chemical Number E-270 and E-327. 


Galacid Powder 60 Lactic Acid is a mild-tasting acidity regulator, flavor enhancer, and shows antibacterial properties. It is a white powder that is soluble in water. 

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