Diatomaceous Earth for Insect Control
Craig Haywood on Sep 9th 2020

Are you noticing large holes in the leaves of your plants and vegetables? Maybe even silver trails …
Newsletter | August 2020
Ingredi on Aug 31st 2020

Odyssey Optical Brightener CBS-X | 25 KG drum Read More
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Newsletter | July 2020
Ingredi on Jul 31st 2020

Why You Should Be Adding Borax to Your Swimming Pool Read More
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Newsletter | May 2020
Ingredi on May 31st 2020

The Difference Between Food Grade & Pool Grade Diatomaceous Earth Explained
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Newsletter | April 2020
Ingredi on Apr 30th 2020

Wait, Ascorbic Acid is in what? Read More
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Why does Hand Sanitizer have to be so hard on my hands?
Chef Tellus on Apr 10th 2020

I imagine most of you are in the same situation as me. Because of this current virus outbreak, my h…
What is Ascorbic Acid used for?
Chef Tellus on Apr 1st 2020

When you hear the ingredient Ascorbic Acid you  immediately think the worst. It's a corrosive, …
Ascorbic Acid
Newsletter | March 2020
Ingredi on Mar 31st 2020

Does hand sanitizer stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus? Read More
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Does Hand Sanitizer stop the spread of the COVID-19 Virus?
Chef Tellus on Mar 31st 2020

Does Hand Sanitizer stop the spread of the COVID19 Virus? Over the last couple w…
Hand Sanitizer
Newsletter | February 2020
Ingredi on Mar 3rd 2020

What is United States Pharmacopeia (USP)? Read More
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What is United States Pharmacopeia (USP)?
Chef Tellus on Feb 7th 2020

      To explain this, you will need to understand what a pharmacopeia is.…
United States Pharmacopeia
Newsletter | January 2020
Ingredi on Feb 5th 2020

Have you tried our Buy Bulk and Save feature? Read More
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Newsletter | November 2019
Ingredi on Feb 3rd 2020

Have you tried our Buy Bulk and Save feature? Read More
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Newsletter | October 2019
Ingredi on Nov 6th 2019

Candy Corn: Is it a Delicious or Disgusting Halloween Candy? Read More
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Is there really antifreeze in my toothpaste?
Ingredi on Oct 11th 2019

Glycols are water-soluble, hygroscopic organic compounds that belong to the alcohol family. There a…
The History of Fake Blood (and How to Make Your Own)
Ingredi on Oct 1st 2019

When it comes to visualizing gore and violence on (and off) the screen, not much holds a candle to …
fake blood
Newsletter | September 2019
Ingredi on Sep 30th 2019

Candy Corn: Is it a Delicious or Disgusting Halloween Candy? Read More
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Candy Corn: Is it a Delicious or Disgusting Halloween Candy?
Ingredi on Sep 23rd 2019

Love it or hate it, candy corn is a staple of the Halloween season. The sweet tri-colored treat tri…
Candy corn
Brewing Salts: How to Adjust the Water for Your Beer
Ingredi on Sep 17th 2019

Water chemistry is one of the most important factors when it comes to brewing beer. Regular water, …
How Activated Charcoal is used in the Beauty Industry
Ingredi on Sep 11th 2019

Thanks to its purifying abilities, activated charcoal has become a popular ingredient in the beauty…
activated carbon
What salt is best for my application?
Ingredi on Sep 4th 2019

Salt, also known as sodium chloride (NaCl), is one of the most common ingredients you will find in …
Newsletter | Aug 2019
Ingredi on Aug 28th 2019

What are Tannins in Wine? Read More
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What are tannins in wine?
Ingredi on Aug 21st 2019

If red wine is your preference, you know the various characteristics associated with its flavor pro…
beer and wine
Glycerin: The Most Frequently Used Cosmetic Ingredient After Water
Ingredi on Aug 14th 2019

There’s a reason why glycerin is one of the most-used cosmetic ingredients. Glycerin is a humectant…
What is Deionized Water?
Ingredi on Aug 7th 2019

Deionized water is a type of purified water where all ions have been removed, giving the water no c…
Why You Should Be Adding Borax to Your Swimming Pool
Ingredi on Aug 1st 2019

Borax. Sodium borate. Sodium tetraborate. Disodium Tetraborate. This boron compound has as many us…
Newsletter | July 2019
Ingredi on Jul 31st 2019

What Makes Soft-Serve Ice Cream Soft? Read More
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What makes soft-serve ice cream soft?
Ingredi on Jul 24th 2019

Frozen desserts are incredibly popular in the US, especially during the summer months. When you’re …
Ice cream
What is Maltodextrin?
Ingredi on Jul 17th 2019

Summer is in full swing, which means people are trying to beat the heat by staying hydrated. If you…
Using MCT as a Carrier Oil for CBD
Ingredi on Jul 10th 2019

What is CBD?Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the primary active ingredients of cannabis (marijuana) and …
​What Do Baked Goods and Wine Have in Common?
Ingredi on Jul 2nd 2019

Snickerdoodle cookies fresh from the oven, tangy lemon meringue pie, light-as-air angel food cake, …
cream of tartar
Newsletter | June 2019
Ingredi on Jul 1st 2019

Lactic Acid: How to Make Sour Beer Read More
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Lactic Acid: How to Make Sour Beer
Ingredi on Jun 25th 2019

While most brewers take careful measures to avoid bacteria infiltration, there are times when it’s …
What are Alpha-Hydroxy Acids? Using AHAs in Cosmetics
Ingredi on Jun 18th 2019

The cosmetic industry is saturated with skin care products that promise to fight signs of agin…
What’s the Difference Between Seltzer, Sparkling Water, Club Soda, and Tonic Water?
Ingredi on Jun 13th 2019

With no signs of fizzing out of favor, carbonated water continues to rise in popularity. Just look …
Potassium Benzoate
What Do Italian Ice and Toothpaste Have in Common?
Ingredi on Jun 6th 2019

There’s almost nothing better than enjoying a frozen treat on a hot summer day. Many ice cream and …
Newsletter | May 2019
Ingredi on May 30th 2019

How to Make Your Own Bath Bombs (E
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How to Make Your Own Bath Bombs (Easy DIY Recipe)
Ingredi on May 22nd 2019

Nothing says relaxation like a soothing, warm bath after a long work week. Adding a bath bomb takes…
citric acid
What is Acetic Acid?
Ingredi on May 15th 2019

If you’re familiar with vinegar and pickled foods, then you are at least somewhat familiar with ace…
Acetic acid
Sodium Nitrate vs. Sodium Nitrite
Ingredi on May 8th 2019

Unless you’re a chemist, it can be easy to forget the difference between sodium nitrate and sodium …
sodium nitrate
What is Sodium Benzoate?
Ingredi on May 1st 2019

Sodium benzoate is the sodium salt of benzoic acid and is widely used as a food preservative, parti…
Beer & wine
Newsletter | April 2019
Ingredi on Apr 30th 2019

BASF Products Available at Ingr
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BASF Products Available at Ingredi.com
Ingredi on Apr 23rd 2019

Choosing the right ingredients is important to take your recipes to the next level. At Ingredi, we…
What’s the Difference Between Dextrose and Table Sugar?
Ingredi on Apr 16th 2019

Before you “pour some sugar on me,” you might want to first consider what type of sugar we’re talki…
What is a Vegan and How Can You Adapt to a Vegan Lifestyle?
Ingredi on Apr 9th 2019

As more people turn to plant-based diets, it has become increasingly important for all industries to…
What is Halal?
Ingredi on Apr 2nd 2019

According to the religion of Islam, certain foods cannot be consumed unless specific requirements ar…
Newsletter | March 2019
Ingredi on Mar 28th 2019

The Ultimate Toss-Up: What is America’s Most Popular Salad Dressing? Ranch dressin…
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The Ultimate Toss-Up: What is America’s Most Popular Salad Dressing?
Ingredi on Mar 22nd 2019

The Most-Used Salad DressingRanch dressing takes the number one spot as America’s most popular sal…
Cities that Dye Their Rivers Green for St. Patrick's Day
Ingredi on Mar 15th 2019

St. Patrick’s Day is a fun-filled holiday celebrating all things Irish. Cities around the U.S. host…
How to Make Green Beer for St. Patrick's Day
Ingredi on Mar 12th 2019

Whether you’re looking to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day or just like the color, you may want to parti…
Traditional Irish Soda Bread Recipe (Easy, 4 Ingredients!)
Ingredi on Mar 6th 2019

Soda bread is a type of quick bread where baking soda is used as a leavening agent instead of yeast…
Soda Bread
What are Food Preservatives?
Ingredi on Feb 28th 2019

Food preservation is one of humankind’s oldest technologies and has always been a means for surviva…
Newsletter | February 2019
Ingredi on Feb 28th 2019

What are Food Preservatives? Food preservation is one of humankind’s oldest techno…
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Is Soy Lecithin Gluten-Free?
Ingredi on Feb 20th 2019

Soy lecithin is a popular ingredient that is commonly found on the food labels of hundreds of proce…
soy lecithin
BASF Trilon NA: Food-Grade Chelating Agent
Ingredi on Feb 13th 2019

When it comes to the large-scale production of food, longevity and product stability are always con…
Is Wine Vegetarian?
Ingredi on Feb 6th 2019

Everyone loves a fine wine: it’s polished, has no astringent taste, and its color is exactly what y…
How priming sugar gives beer the bubbles
Ingredi on Jan 31st 2019

Let’s face it; beer isn’t beer without the bubbles. Therefore, priming sugars are essential to a b…
7 Uses for Borax Around the Home
Ingredi on Jan 23rd 2019

If you’re trying to be less wasteful, you’re probably interested in products that are very versatil…
What is sodium bicarbonate?
Ingredi on Jan 16th 2019

Commonly called “baking soda,” sodium bicarbonate is a salt made of a sodium cation and a bicarbonat…
sodium bicarbonate
Why do almond milk and other plant-based beverages contain additives?
Ingredi on Jan 9th 2019

The popularity of plant-based beverages is on the rise. Whether individuals are seeking to avoid da…
What is calcium chloride and what is it used for?
Ingredi on Jan 3rd 2019

Also referred to as calcium dichloride and E509, calcium chloride is an inorganic compound that cla…
calcium chloride
What’s the difference between “wet” and “dry” scallops?
Ingredi on Dec 27th 2018

Whether you’re picking up seafood from your local fish market or grocery store, you might encounter…
What is Potassium Sorbate and is it Vegan?
Ingredi on Dec 17th 2018

Used as a preservative, there is some question regarding whether or not potassium sorbate is vegan.…
What is Citric Acid and How is it Used?
Ingredi on Dec 11th 2018

Citric acid is a weak organic acid that occurs naturally in many fruits and vegetables, particularl…
Citric Acid
Take your baking to the next level with macerated berries and malic acid
Ingredi on Dec 4th 2018

Topping a good cheesecake or ice cream with berries is one of the best ways to enjoy a decadent des…
​What is Guar Gum?
Ingredi on Nov 26th 2018

You may have seen it on ingredient labels or on food blogs as a natural additive for gluten-free ba…
guar gum
How to make the ultimate vegan brownies
Ingredi on Nov 19th 2018

Here at Ingredi.com, we sell products that are suitable for people who follow all kinds of die…
​What’s the difference between baking soda and baking powder?
Ingredi on Nov 12th 2018

It may seem rather cliché at this point, but baking really is a science. When baking, the ingredien…
baking soda
​Brewery Spotlight: Neshaminy Creek Brewing, Croydon, PA
Ingredi on Nov 5th 2018

Located outside of Philadelphia, PA, Neshaminy Creek Brewing has two locations—their Brewery in Cro…
How Pumpkin Spice Became the Flavor of Fall
Ingredi on Oct 29th 2018

One of the best things about changing seasons is enjoying seasonal food and beverages. While most f…
pumpkin spice
Easy Beef Jerky Recipe and Key Ingredients
Ingredi on Oct 23rd 2018

Perfecting the best beef jerky recipe can be tricky. There are a lot of factors that play into it, …
beef jerky
The Science of Beer Bread: A Simple, Vegan-Friendly Beer Bread Recipe
Ingredi on Oct 16th 2018

Beer and bread have a lot in common with each other. For one, they are both delicious. They also ha…
What is the Independent Craft Brewer Seal?
Ingredi on Oct 11th 2018

Craft beer has been all the rage as of late, and—if you ask me—rightfully so. Craft brewers are doi…
Craft Brewer Seal
What is Oktoberfest Beer?
Ingredi on Oct 1st 2018

You don’t need to be German to enjoy Oktoberfest—or a good Oktoberfest beer, for that matter. T…
​What ingredients are used in dry shampoo and how does it work?
Ingredi on Sep 19th 2018

If you’re a dry shampoo user like myself, it may come as a surprise that this miracle&nbs…
corn starch
Commercial and Home Canning Food Preservation Ingredients
Ingredi on Sep 4th 2018

Before it became a convenience factor, food preservation was a matter of survival. Just like the hi…
What additives are used in wine?
Ingredi on Aug 28th 2018

In the past, there’s been some controversy around the additives used in wine, mainly due to a few w…
Five Popular Uses for Xanthan Gum
Ingredi on Aug 21st 2018

Xanthan gum is a widely-used food additive found in a wide range of food and beverage products. T…
xanthan gum
Understanding kosher: What to know to keep your kitchen kosher
Ingredi on Aug 14th 2018

Kosher foods fall into one of three categories: meat, dairy, or pareve. These food items follow str…
What does lactic acid do?
Ingredi on Aug 10th 2018

Lactic acid is a compound that is produced naturally as well as synthetically. It forms naturally i…
lactic acid
Why is beef jerky so popular?
Ingredi on Jul 31st 2018

As an avid hiker and outdoorswoman, I can personally attest to the importance of having beef jerky …
Best Beef Jerky
What’s the difference between Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth and Pool Grade Diatomaceous Earth?
Ingredi on Jul 27th 2018

The uses for diatomaceous earth (DE) are incredibly varied. DE is used with livestock, for pest con…
diatomaceous earth
Bread Fun Facts: How to tell if it's fresh
Ingredi on Jul 19th 2018

There’s nothing better than a loaf of fresh bread. But—other than the expiration date printed on th…
What makes wine acidic?
Ingredi on Jul 11th 2018

That fresh, tart, or sour taste you get when you sip some wine is because of acidity. Acids a…
These 4 Additives Can Make Your Beer Better
Ingredi on Jul 2nd 2018

If you’ve ever wondered what additives are used in beer, you’re in for a treat. Here at Ingredi, we…
Caffeine Anhydrous vs. Caffeine: What's The Difference?
Ingredi on Jun 26th 2018

Caffeine is a naturally-occurring central nervous system stimulant found in approximately sixty pla…
What’s the difference between sorbic acid and potassium sorbate preservatives?
Ingredi on Jun 21st 2018

When it comes to choosing the right preservative and antimicrobial agent, a question that often ari…
sorbic acid
How much slime can you make with a 56 lb bag of borax?
Ingredi on Jun 12th 2018

Currently, the world record for the largest batch of slime is at 6 tons—it was mixed in a pool by a…
Sorbic Acid vs Potassium Sorbate
Ingredi on Jun 4th 2018

Sorbic acid and potassium sorbate both work as chemical additives in numerous products used daily. S…
sorbic acid
Potassium Sorbate vs Campden Tablets in Wine Making
Ingredi on Jun 4th 2018

One of the most important parts of winemaking is keeping fermentation, yeast, and bacteria in check…
potassium sorbate
What Is Calcium Propionate and is it Vegan?
Ingredi on Jun 4th 2018

Calcium propionate (also known as E282) is the calcium salt of propanoic acid. It is …
Calcium Propionate
Is Citric Acid A Preservative? | What You Need to Know
Ingredi on Jun 4th 2018

In the age of health-conscious eating and wanting to know exactly what we put in our bodies, qu…
is citric acid a preservative

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