Yelkin TS Lecithin | 452 lbs Drum

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452.00 LBS
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Ingredi Yelkin TS Lecithin is a liquid soy lecithin that is manufactured by Archer Daniels Midland and packaged in bulk 452 pound drums. 

Soy lecithin liquid is commonly used in the food and beverage industry. It is used to manufacture ready to use frosting, infant formula, margarine, and changes the viscosity of chocolate products. Lecithin is used in bread baking to improve shortening dispersion and is a releasing agent in cakes, cookies, pies, and crackers. 

As an ingredient in personal care products, Lecithin is used in cosmetics to enhance the appearance of dry or damaged skin by moisturizing and restoring suppleness. It is also an outstanding emulsifier for water and oil based products. It is also found in hair conditioning products.

As an ingredient in vitamin supplements, Lecithin is said to improve the health of many vital human systems including, Cardiovascular, Liver and cell, Fat transport and fat metabolism, reproduction and child development, as well as skin care.


Ingredi TS Lecithin is approved by the U.S. FDA as GRAS. It is Kosher and Halal certified. Lecithin is non-hazardous as defined by OSHA at CFR 1910.1200. 


Ingredi TS Lecithin is amber in color and has an aromatic odor. It is also an emulsifier and is insoluble. The liquid is stable under normal conditions but should not be exposed to temperatures below 16°C because the oil and phospholipids could separate. If separation does occur, lecithin may be re-mixed under heat without loss of functionality.

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