Sodium Saccharin USP | 25 kg Carton

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55.00 LBS
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Sodium Saccharin USP is manufactured and packaged by Shanghai Fortune in a bulk 25 kilogram (55.12 lb.) Cartons. 

Sodium Saccharin which is also call Saccharin Sodium is a sugar substitute and artificial sweetener used as and ingredient in food and beverage products. Saccharin's chemical name is benzoic sulfimide and it is up to 400 times sweeter in flavor than table sugar (Sucrose). This makes it very convenient for making food and beverage products in large batches. Saccharin is also noncaloric meaning it has 0 calories which is preferred by people with dietary concerns. Because Saccharin in its acid form is not soluble in water, it is combined with Sodium to make a water soluble powder (dihydrate). 


Sodium Saccharin USP meets Food Chemical Codex and US Pharmacopoeia requirements. It is Kosher and Halal Certified. It is identified by CAS No. 81-07-2 and E Number E954.  


Sodium Saccharin USP is a dihydrate white powder that is stable under normal conditions. It is virtually odorless with a intensely sweet taste. It comes in a 40-80 mesh Size.


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