Sea Salt Natural Semi-Coarse T-2 | 25 Kg Bag

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55.00 LBS
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Sea Salt Natural Semi-Coarse T-2 with no Additives Added is manufactured and packaged by INFOSA in a bulk 25 Kg (55 pound) bags. 

Sea Salt is Sodium Chloride that is produced through the evaporation of sea water. Depending on the regions or areas sea salts are pulled from, they can contain small amounts of other minerals that may provide added benefits. Sea Salts are used in baking, cheese production, butter, mayonnaise, canned vegetables, meat progressing and well as cosmetics and skin care products. 


Infosa Sea Salt Natural Semi-Coarse T-2 is a food grade sea salt the comes from the Mediterranean Sea. It is used in applications that require a semi-coarse salt grain such as seasonings, mixes, cereals, baked goods, chocolate toppings, salted caramels, dry cures, brines and meat processing. It contains no anti-caking or free flowing additives and is GMO-Free and is considered Natural or Organic. It is also Kosher Certified.


Infosa Sea Salt Natural Semi-Coarse T-2 is process to have no strange smells or tastes. It has a solid and crystalline aspect, is water soluble and has a salty taste. Grain size is 35-40% through a Sieve - USS 50 Mesh, 50-60% through a Sieve - USS 16 Mesh. 

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