Activated Carbon Powder, Nuchar SA-20 | 45 lbs Bag

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45.00 LBS
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Nuchar SA-20 Powder Activated Carbon FCC is manufactured and packaged by Ingevity in a bulk 45 pound bags. 

Nuchar SA-20 Activated Carbon is a chemically activated wood based powdered activated carbon/charcoal with unusually high adsorption capacity for a broad range of organics. Its high surface area and large volume of meso pores allow it to rapidly remove color, taste, and odor compounds from solution.

As an ingredient in personal care products, Activated Carbon Powder is used as a deep cleanser because of its ability to absorb toxins in both hair and skin products. It’s all-natural and won’t add new chemicals to your skin and hair when you use it.

As an ingredient in oral supplements, Food Grade Activated Carbon Powder is used for internal detoxification. It is also popular as a teeth whitening agent.


 Nuchar SA-20 Activated Carbon meets the food-grade quality of activated carbons as defined in the current edition of the Food Chemicals Codex. It is Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61 and is Kosher.


Nuchar SA-20 Activated Carbon is designed for those applications requiring a minimum amount of carbon to remove a maximum amount of impurities. Specific cost effective uses are in purification of food products such as corn syrups, citric acid, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, monosodium glutamate, juices, wine, and in pharmaceutical and fine chemical purification.



  • 5

    Posted by Ted on Oct 12th 2020

    Used as an addictive for color

  • 5

    Posted by Ted on Oct 12th 2020

    Used as an addictive for color

  • 5
    Dental Product Manufacturing

    Posted by Blakelee on Mar 19th 2020

    We use this product in charcoal toothpaste.

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    Posted by Lori on Aug 29th 2019


  • 5

    Posted by Mary on Aug 1st 2019

    We use this product as an ingredient in a charcoal-based tooth powder

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