BORAX Pentahydrate | 50 lbs Bag

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56.00 LBS
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Ingredi BORAX Pentahydrate is branded Etibor-48 Granular manufactured and packaged by Etimine USA in a bulk 55.12 pound bag. 

Borax Pentahydrate is also known as 5 mol Borax; Di-sodium Tetraborate Pentahydrate; Buffer Salt pH 9.18; Sodium Borate Pentahydrate. 


Etibor-48 is a white, odorless crystalline granular or powder product. Etibor-48 is the most common form of sodium borate used in industry. It is mildly alkaline. 


Boron is used as a cleaning and bleaching agent. It controls alkalinity of soaps and synthetic detergents; balances active oxygen; softens water; lowers the time and heat of the washing; and prevents the corrosion of the metal/machine. Borates are also widely used in personal care products and household or industrial cleaners for various purposes like abrasion, germicide and bleaching. Borax has also been used for flea control. The choice of boron product will depend on the other ingredients and the composition, quality and type of the final product. Borax Decahydrate, Borax Pentahydrate, Boric Acid and Anhydrous Borax can be used for cleaning and laundering formulations.

21 Uses Submitted

  • Homemaking

    Posted by rachel on Nov 25th 2020

    Soften Laundry Water

  • Homemaking

    Posted by Rachel on Nov 25th 2020

    Soften Laundry Water

  • oil field/ construction

    Posted by Justin on Aug 5th 2020

    Kill insects

  • private cleaning

    Posted by Samantha on Jul 29th 2020

    House siding cleaner. Power washer to clean garage floor. cleaning refrigerators and stainless sinks, mopping high traffic areas. Laundering making laundery detergent

  • Retired

    Posted by Harrison on Jul 28th 2020

    I use this in my pool to balance pH without raising alkalinity. It is part of the secret of maintaining a sparkling, well-balanced water system for swimming!

  • N/A

    Posted by Maria on Jun 30th 2020

    For melting jewelry.

  • Just private home

    Posted by John on Jun 15th 2020

    I use Borax around the border of my dog fence to keep weeds and grass down.

  • Mining

    Posted by Larry on Jun 4th 2020

    Alfalfa fertilization on a small field.

  • Pool

    Posted by Michael on May 27th 2020

    I use it for my swimming pool. It raises the PH and doesn't evaporate

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