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Newsletter | April 2019

Posted by Sarah Simonovich on

BASF Products Available at
Choosing the right ingredients is important to take your recipes to the next level. At Ingredi, we make ingredients easy, so you know exactly what goes into your products. We are proud to announce we carry ingredients from BASF, the second largest chemical manufacturer in North America.
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What’s the Difference Between Dextrose and Table Sugar?
While we might automatically assume "table sugar when we talk about sweeteners, there are actually several types of sugars, including glucose, fructose, and sucrose. But why choose dextrose over table sugar?
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What is a Vegan and How Can You Adapt to a Vegan Lifestyle?
As more people turn to plant-based diets, it has become increasingly important for all industries to become aware of what a vegan lifestyle means, especially when it comes to determining whether or not your products are, in fact, vegan-friendly.
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What is Halal?
According to the religion of Islam, certain foods cannot be consumed unless specific requirements are met and Halal is a dietary restriction. To produce food and beverages that are halal, it's important to know what the term means.
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