Sodium Benzoate, 33% Solution, Food Grade | 520 lb. Drum

Tilley Chemical

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520.00 LBS

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Ingredi Sodium Benzoate 33% Solution is packaged by Tilley Chemical in a bulk 520 pound Drums. 

Ingredi Sodium Benzoate, 33% Solution, Food Grade is a blend of 33 percent Sodium Benzoate FCC and high purity deionized water. Sodium Benzoate is a sodium salt of benzoic acid and is a food preservative. It exhibits anti-fungal properties and prevents food from spoiling. Sodium Benzoate also balances a recipe’s pH level and increases overall acidity of a food. Sodium benzoate was the first preservative allowed by the FDA for use in food products. It is widely used in soft drinks for these purposes and increases flavor in foods such as pickles, jams, fruit juices, and sauces. 

As an ingredient in personal care products, Sodium benzoate is also used a a preservative and corrosion inhibitor. Many cosmetics contain metal additives which sodium benzoate prevents from oxidizing otherwise know as rust.


Ingredi Sodium Benzoate 33% Solution is Food Grade and Kosher Certified. This Material when dried to constant weight will meet the chemical requirements of the current FCC.


Sodium Benzoate is a clear, slightly yellowish liquid with a pH value of 6.7-7.2 at 144.1 g/l at 25°C. 

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