BlueSky Stratus FG-32 | 5 Gallon Pail

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41.00 LBS

Ingredi BlueSky Stratus FG 32 food grade hydraulic and bearing oil (5 gallon pail) is formulated specially for hydraulic systems operating in the food service, beverage, and packaging industries.

BlueSky Stratus FG 32 hydraulic and bearing oil is NSF Registered and meets USDA 1998 (H-1) guidelines (lubricants with incidental food contact). BlueSky Stratus FG 32 hydraulic and bearing oil is fortified with oxidation inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors, as well as anti-wear additives to enhance the superior qualities offered by the Food Grade base stock. BlueSky Stratus FG 32 lubricant in a 5 gallon pail does not produce an iridescent appearance (sheen) on the surface of the water when tested in accordance with the U.S. Coast Guard Static Sheen Test.

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