The Secret Ingredient for Perfect Mac & Cheese: Sodium Citrate Explained

The Secret Ingredient for Perfect Mac & Cheese: Sodium Citrate Explained

By on Oct 11th 2023

There are few foods that provide the same comfort for both children and adults as macaroni and cheese.

The tender noodles covered in hot, savory, melty cheese is one of life’s simplest and most delicious pleasures, but while we’re eating it, we’re probably not thinking about how the perfect creamy texture is achieved.

There's one ingredient in the culinary world working behind the scenes that makes it all possible: Sodium Citrate. This versatile component not only elevates the taste but also the texture of various food and beverage items.

The Science Behind Creamy Textures

Sodium Citrate (or lack thereof) may just be why your homemade mac and cheese never turns out as creamy as the restaurant version. This powerful emulsifier prevents the oils and water in the cheese from separating. This results in a smooth, velvety sauce that coats every noodle perfectly, eliminating any chance of a greasy or clumpy dish.

More Than Just Cheese: Sodium Citrate in Beverages

But Sodium Citrate's applications extend beyond the kitchen pantry. In the ever-growing beverage industry, it's a key ingredient in drinks with a lemon-lime flavor profile, such as club sodas and certain sports drinks. It not only adds a tart kick but also helps in controlling acidity and balancing pH levels.

Sodium Citrate appears as fine, white, translucent crystals and is derived from Citric Acid. This explains its mild salty taste and the tartness it brings, making it a multi-dimensional ingredient for various culinary applications.

Your Culinary Partner: Sodium Citrate by Ingredi

Ingredi is thrilled to offer premium Sodium Citrate for all your culinary adventures. Elevate your food and beverage creations with this versatile ingredient today!

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