What Is Fumaric Acid and How Can It Be Used?
Evan Reboli on Feb 3rd 2021

Fumaric acid is an acid that is naturally occurring in bolete mushrooms and Iceland moss and plays …
Fumaric Acid
Why Is Caffeine So Popular?
Evan Reboli on Jan 29th 2021

We have all probably had experience with caffeine with over 90% of the US population consuming it …
What is Stearic Acid?
Evan Reboli on Jan 19th 2021

Stearic acid is a common saturated fatty acid. Saturated means, when it comes to the structure of …
What is sodium bicarbonate?
Ingredi on Jan 16th 2019

Commonly called “baking soda,” sodium bicarbonate is a salt made of a sodium cation and a bicarbonat…
sodium bicarbonate