Sodium Tripolyphosphate FCC | 50 lb bag

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50.00 LBS
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Ingredi Sodium Tripolyphosphate FCC is also know as Pentasodium Triphosphate or STPP, and comes in a granular form that is manufactured and packaged by Innophos in bulk 50 pound bags.

Sodium Tripolyphosphate is a preservative used in a wide variety of food applications. It is commonly used in dairy, seafood, cheese, and meat processing. In food production it is referenced as as E number E451. STPP is used as an emulsifier and to retain moisture. Other applications include leather tanning (as masking agent), ceramics, and detergents as a "builder" or water softener.


Sodium Tripolyphosphate is manufactured by Innophos. It complies with the Food Checmicals Codex (FCC) specification and the American Water Works Association Standard B-503-05. It is non-GMO, gluten free, and acceptable for vegetarian and vegan diets. The United States FDA lists STPP as GRAS, or generally recognized as safe.


Sodium Tripolyphosphate anhydrous is an odorless white granular or powder material. It is soluble in water, has a pH of 9.5-10.2, and a melting point of 1,151.6 degrees Fahrenheit (622 degrees Celsius). 

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