Ethyl Vanillin

Jiaxing Zhonghua Chemical

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Ethyl Vanillin is Imported and Packaged by Phoenix Aromas

Ethyl Vanillin has a sweet, creamy, vanilla scent with a similar flavor. While mainly used as a food sweetener and commonly found in chocolate, baked goods, ice cream, and sometimes medicine, Ethyl Vanillin is also used in household and industrial cleaning products, air fresheners, candles, shampoo, and lip balms for its fragrant properties.

Ethyl Vanillin is synthetically produced without the use of genetically modified organisms. This product meets Food Chemical Codex requirements and is Kosher certified.

Ethyl Vanillin is a white or creamy white crystalline powder with a strong, sweet, vanilla like odor. It is soluble in alcohol and water.

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