Dow Dipropylene Glycol LO+ | 470 lb. Drum

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470.00 LBS

Dow Dipropylene Glycol LO+ manufactured by Dow Chemical and is packaged in bulk 470 pound drums.

Dipropylene Glycol LO+ is a high-purity product with low odor (LO). Dipropylene Glycol is also referred to as DPG and is considered a solvent and decreases viscosity in cosmetics and personal care products. Additionally, the Low Odor formulation makes it a great choice for products that don't want the fragrance effected. 

For Fragrance and Cosmetic applications, the excellent co-solvency for water, oils and hydrocarbons, coupled with its low odor, low skin irritation potential, low toxicity, consistent isomer distribution and excellent quality, make it an important raw material used in this industry. 


Dipropylene Glycol LO+ is included in the INCI list. It is 99.5% pure Dipropylene Glycol. 


Dipropylene Glycol LO+ is a clear liquid that is practically odorless and water soluble and hygroscopic


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  • Perfume oils and inceense

    Posted by Abdullah on Oct 25th 2019

    We use dpg in making incense sticks for resale

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