Cetyl Alcohol, NF | 50 lbs Bag

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50.00 LBS
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Cetyl Alcohol, NF (CO-1695) is manufactured and packaged by P&G Chemicals in a bulk 50 pound bag. 

Cetyl Alcohol, NF which is also known as Hexadecanol is comprised of Cetyl alcohol (C16, 95% min). This product is used in many applications including cosmetics, aluminum rolling lubricants, production of alkyl amines, tertiary amines, antioxidants, concrete anti-spalling agents, defoamers, ethoxylates, halides/mercaptans, lubricant oil additives, methacrylates, phosphated alcohols, plasticizers, plastic lubricants/mold release, polymerization stabilizers, sulfation, sulfated ethoxylates, and epoxy resin diluent. 

Cetyl Alcohol, NF in cosmetic and personal care products functions as an moisturizer, emulsifier and thickening agent in skin creams and lotions as well as adding reflective shimmer the things like shampoo.


Cetyl Alcohol NF meets National Formulary (NF) compendia requirements. . 


Cetyl Alcohol NF is a waxy white solid under ambient conditions with a mild soapy odor. 

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