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55.12 LBS

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Ingredi Sorbic Acid FCC is manufactured and packaged by Daicel Nanning Food Ingredients Company in a 25 kilogram (55.12 pound) Bag. 

Ingredi Sorbic Acid is a compound that was originally derived from berries before going into commercial use as a preservative. It has significant antimicrobial properties and efficiently preserves freshness. Additionally, Sorbic Acid enhances flavor, color, gives food a smooth color, and controls acid levels. Foods that may contain Sorbic Acid include yogurt, cheese, dried fruit, fish, pickles, soups, jelly, syrups, beer, soft drinks, and breads. 


Sorbic Acid meets FCC and NF requirements. It is allergen free and Halal certified. 


Ingredi Sorbic Acid FCC is a white crystalline powder with a slight odor. It is slightly soluble in cold water and stable under normal conditions.

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