Optical Brightener CBS-X | 25 Kg Drum

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55.00 LBS
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Optical Brightener CBS-X is manufactured and packaged by Beijing Odyssey in a bulk 25 Kg (55 pound) containers. 

Optical Brighteners are chemicals that are mainly used in laundry detergents to make clothes look whiter and brighter. They work by converting UV (Ultra Violet) light rays to enhance blue waves and reduce the amount of yellow light. This makes the whites look whiter and the colors look brighter. They are also used in paper products, cosmetics and printer ink as well as a detection dye when viewed by UV or Black Lights. Optical Brighteners are also commonly referred to as Fluorescent Brighteners. 


Odyssey Optical Brightener CBS-X has a CAS # 27344-41-8. 


Odyssey Optical Brightener CBS-X is a light yellowish-green granule or crystal powder. It is water soluble with a Neutral pH. 

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