Cola Teric COAB | 480 lb. Drum

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480.00 LBS

Cola Teric COAB is manufactured by Colonial Chemical, Inc and packaged in bulk 480 pound drums.

Cola Teric COAB which is also known as Cocamidopropyl betaine is a high foaming amphoteric surfactant derived from plants. It is useful in personal care and industrial applications. For industrial products, Cola®Teric COAB provides wetting, effective lime-soap dispersing, and viscosity building properties in various cleaner formulations. For personal care, it boost foam performance in shampoos and soaps, in cosmetics it is a thickener and emulsifier and it is also used as an anti-static agent in hair conditioners.  


Cola Teric COAB is DfE approved meaning it is Designed for the Environment, USDA Biopreferred Product, Whole Foods Market® Premium Body Care™ ingredient.


Cola Teric COAB Cocamidopropyl betaine is a Clear Liquid


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