Cola Liquid DC | 450 lb. Drum

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450.00 LBS

Cola Liquid DC is manufactured by Colonial Chemical, Inc and packaged in bulk 450 pound drums.

Cola Liquid DC which is also known as Cocamide DIPA is a DEA-free liquid non-ionic surfactant derived from triglyceride oil. Cola Liquid DC provides excellent foam boosting, viscosity building and foam stabilizing properties. It will readily solubilize most fragrances and essential oils into anionic systems. The product is liquid and very mild to eyes and skin. Cola Liquid DC can be used in any application where traditional alkanolamide surfactants have been used. Cola Liquid DC will also boost and maintain foam levels over non-amide systems and other personal care formulations.

Cola Liquid DC combines the best properties of the coco MEA amide and coco DEA amide into one product. The use level for Cola Liquid DC is going to be typical of those for similar alcohol amide surfactants, generally in the range of 1% to 5% in personal care products.

Cola Liquid DC is used in Body Cleansers, Bubble Baths, Facial Cleansers, Hair Colorants, Shower Gels and Shampoos.



Cola Liquid DC is Ultimately Biodegradable. It has a HET-CAN score of 2.


Cola Liquid DC is a clear, lightly viscous, yellow liquid


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