CAPMUL GMO-50 | 400 lb Drum

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Capmul GMO-50, also referred to as as Glyceryl Monooleate, is manufactured and packaged by ABITEC in bulk 400 pound drums. 

 Capmul GMO-50 (Glyceryl Monooleate) is a mixture of monoglycerides, mainly glyceryl monooleate, together with variable quantities of diglycerides and triglycerides. 


Capmul GMO-50 is a multi-functional emulsifier useful in the production of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food and plastic products. It Generally recognized as safe (GRAS) according to 21 CFR § 184.1505 and 21 CFR § 184.1323. It is an Emulsifier and Emollient used in Food Products, Lotions, Creams, Eyeliners and Lipsticks. ICI Name is Glyceryl oleate. Store product in dry locations in tight containers removed from light. Products shelf life is 24 months after the date of purchase.


Capmul GMO-50 is a Yellow semi-solid form @ 77 °F


Added as antioxidants: 0.02% TBHQ and 0.003% Citric Acid



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